Wyndi brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our Team.  Being in the property management, leasing, and commercial real estate industry for nearly 30 years, she is able to navigate easily thru issues to assist all of our clients. She handles many tasks for our different business', but for our real estate clients she is the key contact once a contract is negotiated. She schedules all inspections, closing, appraisals, and assures all documents are compliant and in good order.

Dan is essential in keeping us running smoothly. Always with a smile on his face, Dan makes sure that all of our computers, laptops, printers, phones between our homes and our shared office are communicating, as well as handling all of the signage and overseeing contractors job completions on our and our clients properties.  He spends the majority of his time in sales and marketing for another Wedman involved business, but we are happy for the time he has for the real estate side of our business.

Dan, Wyndi and their 4 children still at home love pool time and grilling, but especially going on cruises, where they can not be reached for 7 days at a time!